LIFE RESEAU Joins Water Technology Advisory Delegation to Denmark
LIFE RESEAU partners will soon participate in an event for the promotion of innovative water treatment technologies jointly organised by the Water Technology Advisory and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

The Danish water industry is a leading technological sector, its companies have served as a laboratory to test and promote numerous innovative initiatives that are waiting to be implemented in the rest of the continent. With the aim of sharing this technical knowledge and encouraging the creation of synergies, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organising a 4-day trip from 23 to 26 October to raise awareness of the country’s activities in efficient water management and wastewater treatment. 

The event is part of a Danish government initiative known as Water Technology Advisory EU, a programme that aims to share the experience of the Danish water sector with advisors and experts in major European cities such as Hamburg, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome and Warsaw. 



A theoretical and welcoming approach is taken on the first day, with an overview of the Danish water sector and a short tour of the Green House. During the following days, visits will be made to the facilities of different Danish companies, including LIFE RESEAU consortium partner VCS Denmark. 

In the context of this water technologies promotion event, Aqualia, VCS Denmark, and Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia, members of LIFE RESEAU consortium, will hold the Midterm meeting in which they will evaluate the progress made during the first half of the project, as well as coordinate the activities of the second half of the project. In addition, a workshop with Danish stakeholders will be organized on 26 October. During this event, LIFE RESEAU will not only unveil the project’s objectives and its current accomplishments but will also place a strong emphasis on the collection of stakeholder feedback, a fundamental step to enhance project results. Finally, all the attendees will take the opportunity to visit the VCS facilities at the Søndersø and Ejby Mølle wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). 

As LIFE RESEAU project members, we are proud to be a part of the trail of innovation projects making Denmark a leader in the field of water treatment.  The digitisation and retrofitting we are carrying out in the sanitation system and WWTP of Søndersø will help to better prepare this population against adverse weather scenarios, increasing daily treatment capacity by up to 600%, and will also contribute to energy savings of up to 66% per year. We hope that projects like ours can serve as a model for increasing the resilience of other European infrastructures and we will be happy to share our experience with other partners, companies and institutions interested in technological innovation and optimisation of the water cycle.