In this section we collect the contacts of other projects that, like LIFE RESEAU, work to improve climate change adaptation in the European environment.

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Real-time pollution-based control of urban drainage and sanitation systems for protection of receiving waters

LIFE20 ENV/FR/000179  –  October 2021 / September 2025

LIFE RUBIES aims at reducing surface water pollution from sewerage systems and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) discharges during rainy weather. The objective is to develop and deploy Model Predictive Control (MPC) tools for optimizing the sewage system through real-time predictive control based on the criterion to reduce not only the volumes discharged but also the pollutant loads. The whole solution includes long- and short-term rainfall forecast, the installation of quality sensors in the sewerages, the deployment of an expert dashboard platform and the development of mathematical algorithms to process the data and identify the best network management solution. The solution will be implemented on two pilots located in Madrid (Spain) and Metropole Européenne de Lille (MEL, France).



Water availability in the agricultural and horticultural sector

LIFE 20 CCA_BE_001720  –  July 2021 / June 2026

Life ACLIMA aims to support agricultural and horticultural businesses in finding future-oriented and sustainable answers to the increasing water demand and decreasing water availability caused by climate change. How to ensure sufficient future water supply for agriculture and horticulture? That’s an important question that we want to answer over the next five years with a promising European Union water project: Life ACLIMA.
Over the course of this Life-project, several partners will develop and demonstrate a wide range of technologies, management strategies and measures at agricultural and horticultural practice centers in the province of Antwerp. These demonstrations will show farmers and horticulturalists that there are various possibilities for sustainable water availability on their farms, thus making the water landscape more climate-proof while respecting the environment. Life ACLIMA will be operating mainly in Antwerp, Flanders.