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Retrofitting solution for increasing the resilience of urban wastewater infrastructures in heavy precipitation areas

LIFE RESEAU aims to reduce by up to 100% the discharge of untreated stormwater overflows into the aquatic environment. For that purpose, it will develop 2 retrofitting solutions to increase the treatment capacity of WWTP and 1 tool to reduce infiltration/inflow in the sewer network.

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The solution will be deployed at two demo sites

In Moaña (Spain) and Søndersø (Dennmark) the developed technologies will be tested.

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Meet the partners

Aqualia (coordinator), ITG and VCS Denmark are involved in LIFE RESEAU.

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  • Reduce by up to 100% the discharge of untreated stormwater overflows in heavy precipitation areas
  • Increase the capacity of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) by up to 600% using the existing area and infrastructures
  • Develop and validate two novel solutions for the upgrading of WWTP
  • Develop a tool using artificial intelligence to quantify groundwater infiltration and stormwater inflow to sewer networks
  • Assess the impact of climate change on urban wastewater infrastructures
  • Reduce energy consumption and pollutant gas emissions (CO2, N2O)
  • Develop strategies to replicate the solutions in other WWTPs and locations with similar characteristics
  • Identify the most beneficial intervention areas to reduce the volume of water to be treated

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