Water Technology Advisory

Water Technology Advisory

Date: 23 October 2023 (7:45 am)

Place: Denmark


LIFE RESEAU partners will soon participate in an event for the promotion of innovative water treatment technologies jointly organised by the Water Technology Advisory and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

The Danish water industry is a leading technological sector, its companies have served as a laboratory to test and promote numerous innovative initiatives that are waiting to be implemented in the rest of the continent. With the aim of sharing this technical knowledge and encouraging the creation of synergies, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organising a 4-day trip from 23 to 26 October to raise awareness of the country’s activities in efficient water management and wastewater treatment. 

In addition, a workshop with Danish stakeholders will be organized on 26 October.

You can join this stakeholders workshop, on the 26th October from 10.30 to 12.00 AM, through the following Teams invitation: