Have you met our partner Aqualia?

This Spanish utility is the water management company owned by group FCC (51%) and IFM investors (49%) that servers close to 30 million people, ranking as Europe’s fourth largest private water company also active in Middle East, North Africa and Latin America.

Aqualia has a solid experience in water and wastewater treatment and its R&D strategy is dedicated to improving performance in quality, sustainability, smart services and eco-efficiency. More specifically, its previous knowledge in Activated Granular Sludge reactors will pave the way to its satisfactory implementation in a CAS WWTP.

Within LIFE Reseau, Aqualia is fundamental in the sucessful implementation of the retrofitting solution in Moaña (Spain) where its WWTP will be retrofitted with an AGS reactor and its sewer network will be monitored by new sensors to assess its operation and validate models by feeding the SiiMS platform.