Søndersø Wastewater Treatment Plant refurbishment work begins

The Søndersø waste water treatment plant (WWTP) is located in an industrial area of the municipality and has a treatment capacity of 20000 PE. It was built in 1990 and since then has been carrying out biological nitrogen removal and chemical phosphorus removal.

During the week of 6 February, in the framework of the LIFE RESEAU project and under the coordination of our partner VCS Denmark, five MABR units were installed and commissioned at the Søndersø WWTP. VCS plans to install two more units of the same kind of module in the coming months. The upgrading of the activated sludge bioreactors with MABR technology will enable the WWTP to increase its treatment capacity and at the same time reduce energy consumption and nitrous oxide emissions.

Along with the MABR technology, monitoring equipment has also been installed to track the plant’s performance. This will provide the LIFE RESEAU teams with accurate information to quantify the benefits provided by MABR.

Next steps will include the addition of two more MABR units and the installation of a stormwater filtration unit to prevent the discharge of overflow from the plant.