LIFE RESEAU showcased at Dansk Vand Conference 2023

In a significant stride toward sustainable water management, Dansk Vand Conference 2023, hosted by DANVA ―the Danish association representing water and wastewater utilities― brought the opportunity to highlight the LIFE RESEAU Project. This two-day event, held in Denmark, a country renowned for its commitment to integrated water management and global environmental responsibilities, provided an ideal platform for showcasing innovative solutions, particularly addressing the question “What do we do with rainwater?”

The conference facilitated in-depth discussions among experts on the evolving challenges, solutions and opportunities faced by water companies, especially in the realm of rainwater. 

During the first day of the event, LIFE RESEAU was featured in the workshop “Nye renseteknologier.” (New cleaning technologies). where VCS presented the project`s technologies and its pilot initiative located at Søndersø. 

Denmark, surrounded by water and boasting a rich tradition of water management, has consistently demonstrated a willingness to address major global water challenges. The nation’s expertise in wastewater treatment aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the LIFE RESEAU Project, underscoring its role as a leader in global water management initiatives.