Preliminary works in progress to retrofit Søndersø and Moaña WWTPs

The engineering projects describing the work to be carried out to execute the works and installations for retrofitting the two wastewater treatment plants have recently been drawn up.

In the Spanish pilot plant, two AGS (Aerobic Granular Sludge) reactors have been designed and efforts have been also focused on the instrumentalization of the sewage network, where it is planned to install devices that will measure, among other parameters, flow rates, levels and the quality of the water circulating in the network.

On the other side, the two main components in the Danish retrofit are currently under design: an MABR(Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor) and the SWTM (Storm Water Treatment Module) for the mechanical filtration of the overflows in episodes of overload of the plant to avoid direct overflows without treatment.


Moaña Project

Søndersø Project